Check out this awesome remix of “Menea feat. Cakes Da Killa” by Mediopicky

Mediopicky, a producer coming at us from the Dominican Republic, remixed “Menea feat. Cakes Da Killa,” and it sounds AWESOME. Listen and download below (or try this second download link).

And, if you like what you hear, check out Mediopicky’s latest EP Cantinas:

Where Mambo meets Moombahton, Kuduro blends with Cumbia, Trap meets Heavy Bass.”

Here ya go:

DJ’s & producers: you can now remix P3CULIAR’s “Menea feat. Cakes Da Killa”

You a DJ or producer? You like “Menea feat. Cakes Da Killa“? Then remix it! At 101 BMP, you can make a sweet cumbia, reggaeton, hip hop, or straight pop song out of the vocal studio stems — which you can download by clicking on the image above or here.

Send it over — [at ] gmail dot com– when you’re done, and I’ll share it all over.

Watch an unhappy Mexican-Chinese housewife turn into a glamorous burlesque dancer [NSFW]

Calamity Chang, star of the “Menea feat. Cakes Da Killa” video, wrote an awesome blog post detailing her experience as “my wife”:

“Having Spanish as my second language (English is my third and Mandarin Chinese is my first) and having grown up in Bolivia, South America then Texas where Mexican culture was a prominent influence, I immediately liked what he was all about.”

My vieja [woman], in case you didn’t know, has an impressive resume under her belt. As TimeOut points out, Calamity is one of the “busiest performers and producers” in NYC, and, having shot a sexy mènage à trois with Michael Fassbender [Promethus, X-Men World Class] in the movie Shame, she’s also a great actress!

Of course, if you’ve seen the “Menea” video, which premiered on the mun2 network earlier this week,  you probably already know that.

Check out Calamity’s full post here.