P3CULIAR Interview with Kesta Happening DC

p3culiar kesta

One thing that cemented the relationship between Marcelo and Ulises was their mutual “geeking out” over silly songs. “Some people find my taste in music to be in poor taste and I’m totally aware of it, so I was very guarded on working with Ulises on the record because he is so reserved. That changed when I visited LA, we got to talking about all these songs that were really silly but really good. Like we would agree that “El Sonidito” is such a silly song or “El Gato Volador” is such a hit. It definitely made things easier once I found out he was into some of the same stuff I was. He’s got a ton of super great ideas and is very open to hearing new ones,” Marcelo shared.

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“Imagine a sweltering underground party suffused in sweaty, hot bodies throbbing to kitsch electronic beats, ’80s Spanish-language pop samples, ñu-cumbia rhythms, and whirling moments of pure pop bliss, peppered with Italo disco. This is the musical amalgam on Role-play, and it is done with superb precision, spot on track-to-track transitions, making for a very pleasurable listen. The album was done under the co-production of Ulises Lozano (Kinky, Amandititita).”

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