New P3CULIAR music video: “Wicked”

“Wicked,” shot by VidiVici TV, is the second single off Role-play, P3CULIAR’s debut LP (available now on iTunes, Spofity, Amazon Music, and Google Play through Kin Kon Records, and Casete).

Cast: Kristina Bordyugova & Marcelo C. Baez. Directed and edited by Angelita Mendoza and Victor Capiz (of VidiVici TV). Assisted by Pablo Barrera, Edward Kostakis, and Carlos Espinel, AKA The Xizmo Media Crew. Hair by Hilary Shawn, makeup by Javier Romero, wardrobe by Antien Siochana. Marcelo’s clothes by Daniel Silverstain.

Special thanks to Carlos Campos.

Club Fonograma reviews Role-Play: “Shameless and defragmented popular music”

Club Fonograma reviewed Role-Play:

“First single “Menea” (feat. Cakes Da Killa) is almost a bit too tailored to sound pedestrian, and yet it’s polished with luxurious synths that fade in and out of the scope, almost defeating the integrationist purpose. This doesn’t stop the song from being deliciously catchy, and it happens to be attached to a pretty memorable video.”

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