Watch an unhappy Mexican-Chinese housewife turn into a glamorous burlesque dancer [NSFW]

Calamity Chang, star of the “Menea feat. Cakes Da Killa” video, wrote an awesome blog post detailing her experience as “my wife”:

“Having Spanish as my second language (English is my third and Mandarin Chinese is my first) and having grown up in Bolivia, South America then Texas where Mexican culture was a prominent influence, I immediately liked what he was all about.”

My vieja [woman], in case you didn’t know, has an impressive resume under her belt. As TimeOut points out, Calamity is one of the “busiest performers and producers” in NYC, and, having shot a sexy mènage à trois with Michael Fassbender [Promethus, X-Men World Class] in the movie Shame, she’s also a great actress!

Of course, if you’ve seen the “Menea” video, which premiered on the mun2 network earlier this week,  you probably already know that.

Check out Calamity’s full post here.