Listen to “Acapulco,” a track inspired by “mirrey” culture and the legendary Baby’O nightclub

“Acapulco” was inspired by a legendary nighclub called Baby’O — Quién magazine wrote a great article about the venue last year — and classic mirrey culture, a certain subculture mostly comprised of upper crust Mexicans (think Luis Miguel & Roberto Palazuelos).

A photo posted by Marcelo C. Baez, aka P3CULIAR (@marcelo_c_baez) on

Marcelo C. @Acapulco with some scantily clad Mexican teenagers #whereyouatsergioandrade

Two scantily teenage Mexican boys from La Quebrada with yours truly. #whereyouatsergioandrade

I wrote the chunk of “Acapulco” about seven years ago and it’s been sitting in my hard drive ever since. I recently dusted off all the digital dirt from the original demo and added a few new elements, such as a peppy Roland Juno 106 arp and an 808 kick. After tinkering with the mix for a few hours I sent it off to get mastered and now you have this synthpop track at your finger tips.

Have at it, papaloys & lobukis (you can also download it here).

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