Drum machines have no soul, which is why I use them


Role-play, P3CULIAR’s debut LP, will be released on Tuesday, April 8th by Casete Records in Latin America & Europe, and Kin Kon Records in the US. Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play – you’ll be able to find it everywhere. A few of you may acquire a limited vinyl pressing (500 copies) if you participate in the pre-sale.

Let’s talk record production: I experimented a lot with pitch shifting, a process which raises or lowers the pitch of recorded audio, while writing most of the songs on Role-play. Since my original idea was to have certain guests – some male, some female – sing on the final tracks, I recorded most of the demos using my own manipulated vocals. But then these vocals, which were basically placeholders, charmed me; the odd quality of the effect gave the songs an interesting layer of artifice.

Many musicians, singers, and producers – especially analog purists – are absolutely horrified by the idea highly-processed audio. They would say it lacks “warmth,” or something along those lines, which is probably right. But some of the songs in Role-play have dark and sinister themes, so I wanted no warmth. While programming the sequences of these songs I though of an old-school goth friend and the hilarious bumper sticker he proudly placed on his car: “Drum machines have no soul.”

Songwriting is half storytelling, half acting. Composers often create a story – not always personal – then perform their tale as a protagonist or a narrator. I decided to call my debut Role-play because I pretend to be certain characters in my songs. Pitch shifting allows me to sound like them.  

Ah, but I know you won’t be able to live with yourself unless you hear my natural singing voice, so I left some vocals unprocessed (the verses on “Party Girl,” for example). Plus I did get a couple of guests to perform on the record: The young and talented rapper Cakes Da Killa (“Menea”), and the charismatic Sisely Treasure (“Start A Fight”). There’s ten songs on Role-play and they’re eclectic mix of funky pop, eerie cumbia, tropical rap, and dark electro. I co-produced the record along with Ulises Lozano (Kinky, Amandititita, Mexican Dubwiser), and will begin shooting a video for “Wicked” at the end of the month with the Vidi Vici TV crew.

And no, the picture above is not the record cover, but you will see it very soon.

Role-play tracklist:

  • 1. Hazme El Amor
  • 2. Wicked
  • 3. Menea Feat. Cakes Da Killa
  • 4. Start A Fight Feat. Sisely Treasure
  • 5. Look So Good
  • 6. Star
  • 7. Party Girl
  • 8. Walk Under The Moonlight
  • 9. Yo Te Amo, Te Amo
  • 10. The Well

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New P3CULIAR song available next Tuesday

So you heard about the trouble hurricane Ingrid and the tropical storm Manuel caused in Mexico, right?  According to the Mexican government, the country hasn’t seen such weather devastation since 1953, when two coasts where also hit simultaneously by natural disasters.  Basically thousands of people in Veracruz and Guerrero where left homeless — lives where also lost — and their cities and towns remain wrecked. Because of all this, Lynn Fainchtein, the Mexican producer, asked many singers, producers, composers, directors — and even actors — to collaborate on Acuérdate,  a three disc compilation featuring 46 unreleased songs. All the money them comps make will be donated to the Mexican Red Cross.

The first song on each disc is a cover of “Maria Bonita,” a popular song by Mexican singer-songwriter Agustin Lara, and the rest are either original songs or other covers. The list of contributors ranges from very well-known — Alejandro González Iñárritu (Babel, Amores Perros), Diego Luna, Los Amigos Invisibles, Julieta Venegas, Miranda, Toy Selectah — to newer indie darlings — Dapuntobeat, Amandititita, Carla Morrisson, Quiero Club,  Chico Sonido — to the newest of them all, I think: yours truly.

P3CULIAR provided a cover of “Yo te amo, te amo” by Yuri, which is actually a cover of this old Italian song. The track, along with all the others, will be available on iTunes & Google Play next Tuesday, October 22nd, but for the first two weeks you’ll have to buy the whole record, which will run you around $10 bucks. Or you can get all 3 for less than $30, more or less. After early November you’ll be able to purchase the songs individually and even stream them off Spotify, Deezer, Rdio and Gooveshark.

You can check out the full tracklist of Acuérdate here.

Source: El País


Check out this awesome remix of “Menea feat. Cakes Da Killa” by Mediopicky

Mediopicky, a producer coming at us from the Dominican Republic, remixed “Menea feat. Cakes Da Killa,” and it sounds AWESOME. Listen and download below (or try this second download link).

And, if you like what you hear, check out Mediopicky’s latest EP Cantinas:

Where Mambo meets Moombahton, Kuduro blends with Cumbia, Trap meets Heavy Bass.”

Here ya go: